Build broken by recent svn checkin

William A. Hoffman billlist at
Mon Feb 13 19:08:09 GMT 2006

At 12:30 PM 2/13/2006, David Faure wrote:
>On Monday 13 February 2006 17:33, William A. Hoffman wrote:
>> The continuous build for kdelibs running at kitware broke with these errors:
>> /.../kdelibs-cont-src/kdeui/kmessagebox.h:281: error: default argument for parameter of type 'QFlags<KMessageBox::Option>' has type 'int'

Looks like it was fixed right away.

>> 1. I can set it up so that an email is sent somewhere when something like this breaks.
>> Should I send it to either of these mailing lists?  Or are there key people that want
>> this email?
>I think we should start by sending those automatic mails to the kde-commits at
>mailing-list. This avoids getting too much noise on the real mailing-lists. And from
>there one of us can locate the guilty commit and forward the mail to the committer,
>or fix the breakage directly.

OK, I will have it sent to kde-commits at   For most of our projects we have the
mail sent to a few key people that are in charge of keeping it working.  Also, it is set
up to send email to the person that did the commit.  For that, I would need a mapping
from svn login name to email address.

>Thanks for setting that up. Having an automated build with notifications on breakages
>is a great improvement.

Your welcome.

>> 2. We need volunteers to submit dashboards for kdelibs.   Is there anyone with an OSX machine
>> that could do a nightly build?  Please send me an email if you have a machine that can
>> help with this, and I can give instructions for setting things up.
>I have an OSX machine but I didn't try cmake on it yet. No candidate for nightly
>builds anyway, it's usually turned off. But we'll see.

The more builds the better.   We like to say if it is not tested, it does not work.


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