Cannot configure - cannot find QT

Robert Knight robertknight at
Mon Feb 13 16:38:09 GMT 2006

I get this as well.  I discussed the problem on IRC and someone
suggested that it might be because I was compiling Qt with visibility
enabled (ie. fvisibility=hidden appears in the g++ command lines).  I
haven't had time to recompile Qt without this though.


On 13/02/06, John Tapsell <johnflux at> wrote:
> Hi all,
>   When I try to configure kdelibs or arts, configure fails:
> checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 4.1) (library qt) not
> found. Please check your installation (and make sure you compiled Qt
> with -debug - doing symlinks to a -release build of Qt4 will introduce
> breakage, do not do that -)!
>   Looking in config.log I see:
> configure:36320: /bin/sh ./libtool --silent --mode=link g++ -o
> conftest -Wnon-virtual-dtor -Wno-long-long -Wundef -ansi
> -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 -D_BSD_SOURCE -Wcast-align -Wconversion
> -Wchar-subscripts -Wall -W -Wpointer-arith -g -O2 -fno-reorder-blocks
> -fno-schedule-insns -fno-inline -O0 -pipe -Wformat-security
> -Wmissing-format-attribute -fno-exceptions -fno-check-new -fno-common
> -I/home/kdedev/src/kde/build/qt-copy/include -I. -I.
> -L/home/kdedev/src/kde/build/qt-copy/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib
> -L/usr/X11R6/lib  -lQtGui_debug -lpng -lz -lm -ljpeg
> -ldl  -lXext -lX11 -lSM -lICE  -lpthread -lQtGui_debug -lQtCore_debug
> 1>&5
> home/kdedev/src/kde/build/qt-copy/lib/ undefined
> reference to `QTextCodec::codecForHtml(QByteArray const&)'
> /home/kdedev/src/kde/build/qt-copy/lib/ undefined
> reference to `QLocale::dateFormat(QLocale::FormatType) const'
> /home/kdedev/src/kde/build/qt-copy/lib/ undefined
> reference to `QDateTimeParser::sectionSize(int) const'
> ......
> If I manually run this line, I get the same error.  if I manually run
> this line but stripping off the "libtool  --silent --mode=link"  then
> it compiles without error.
> This is using kdesvn-build.  QT compiled seemingly without error.
> Thanks!
> John Tapsell

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