Laurent Montel montel at kde.org
Sun Feb 12 12:05:09 GMT 2006

On Saturday 11 February 2006 22:11, Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:

> Could anybody working for distro makers (SuSE, Mandriva, Debian?) comment
> on the above assumptions?

I work for Mandriva.
It's right when we'll decide to make kde4 by default we will sure that a lot 
of major application will port to kde4.

But it's right we can release kde3+kde4 => old package will work.
(I know that we will keep dcop compatibility kde3 <-> kde4, so it's not a 

We have more than 200 kde program into Mandriva (contrib package)
I know that it will not possible to port all these application

(When we drop kde2 to kde3, we removed a lot of application from our distro, 
because it was not possible to port all packages)

With kde4 it's not very easy to port it.

So for me kde3support is important for helping to port. But not increase 
number of class into kde3support.

We have a lot of script into kdesdk/scripts/qt4 perhaps it will important to 
inform developper to use them.

For me kde3support mustn't use for kde mainly module.

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