Obsoleting some classes

Szombathelyi György gyurco at freemail.hu
Wed Feb 8 11:53:28 GMT 2006

Not yet, what file contains the SASL API?

Brad Hards wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 February 2006 21:42 pm, Szombathelyi György wrote:
>> Is SASL so important in QCA?
> I think SASL is an important element. Perhaps not as important as TLS, but 
> quite important.
>> (I didn't like the SASL API in QCA 1.0, it was just a wrapper to cyrus
>> sasl with not-so-easily usable API - I mean the signal-slot notification
>> were not so usable in the ioslaves).
> Have you seen the new API (in SVN)? Can you suggest improvements?
> Brad

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