QProcess Security and KSaveFile::rcsBackupFile()

Gregory Hayes syncomm at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 19:54:14 GMT 2006

I attached a patch that should implement the desired behavior. Please glance
it over, before I commit.

RCS is available on Windows as well, to maintain cross platform
compatibility will I need to search for "rcs.exe" in addition to "rcs", or
will KStandardDirs::findExe("rcs") find both cases?



On 2/7/06, Martijn Klingens <klingens at kde.org> wrote:
> On Friday 03 February 2006 02:05, Allen Winter wrote:
> > On Thursday 02 February 2006 04:02, Gregory Hayes wrote:
> > > That is a good point, I didn't think of the path issue! I believe the
> > > specifies /usr/bin as the RCS default, but other platforms may pop it
> > > a different part of the tree. Is there a way to just remove "." from
> > > QProcess $PATH? If not I would suggest "/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin"
> > > (but someone could be creative and stick it in /opt/rcs-5.7/bin or
> > > something). RCS is likely "rcs.exe" on Windows too, so we may need to
> > > massage that as well (if it matters to QProcess).
> >
> > I just committed a change that uses the $PATH you suggest.
> That runs shell commands though. As long as qFilename is properly quoted
> doesn't allow arbitrary command execution per se, but it still seems like
> needless security risk to me.
> Why don't you pass the result of KStandardDirs::findExe instead of relying
> on /usr/bin/env?
> See
> That also makes it somewhat more portable towards non-Unix platforms where
> 'VAR=value cmd --args' style of invocation is often unavailable. (Not to
> mention that /usr/bin/env is often unavailable, but so is rcs probably as
> well, making this possibly a moot point.)
> --
> Martijn
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