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Hans Meine hans_meine at
Sun Feb 5 13:45:48 GMT 2006

On Thursday 26 January 2006 12:20, Carsten Pfeiffer wrote:
> Templates can be user-defined, lots of predefined ones are available, e.g.
> "for" to generate a for loop, looping over an array or collection or
> "toArray", leading to this nice construct
> toA[Ctrl-Space] (arrow down to select "toArray" -> return)
> 	(type[]) collection.toArray(new type[collection.size()])

IMO this is a killer feature which KDevelop should have, too.  I mean - it's 
not simply a macro feature, it is also very well implemented and has a usable 
GUI. :-)

It has been noted before, that for example one feature of Eclipse's 
auto-completion is that it does not get in your way.  If you press 
Ctrl-Space, you get your completion, and if you type over e.g. automatically 
inserted closing )}], you don't get them twice.

Disclaimer: I found Eclipse too slow to be usable, and I am totally spoiled by 
a highly configured xemacs.  But I was forced to have some short looks at 
Eclipse last year, and I must admit that apart from it's speed (crucial 
factor IMO), it's a great IDE, also usability-wise.

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