cmake hype?

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Fri Feb 3 12:03:58 GMT 2006

Gregory Hayes wrote:
>I can agree with that sentiment ;) Three different build systems is just
>asking for trouble down the line. Regardless of which build system is
>chosen, there needs to be a single "standard" methodology for building.
> Once this is resolved, we need to align our quality team documentation
> so we are all working off the same page.

We will have only one official buildsystem for KDE4.

In Málaga, we had decided for Scons. But cmake is progressing fast too. If 
cmake delivers and Scons doesn't, we'll use that. 

We haven't yet, but we'll eventually reach a point when we'll have to 
switch the official from unsermake to something else (or 
not). THAT's what application developers will have to maintain. Until 
then, they maintain files.

From that point forwards, any other buildsystems will be maintained out of 
trunk, by whoever wants to work on them.

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