KWin KPixmap removal

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Sun Apr 30 08:58:15 BST 2006

David Vestal wrote:
>This changes the KPixmap references to QPixmap in

Just a few comments:
1) please use the same indentation style as the previous code. The patch 
clearly shows a difference between space and tabs. (you probably have to 
set the tab width in your editor as well)
The same goes for parentheses and spaces: ( 16, 16 ) vs (16, 16)

2) While you're at it, please avoid initialising static variables to NULL 
or 0. That just makes the file bigger for no particular reason. Leave the 
initialisation out and we'll have the same result.

>Also a couple places I changed the 
> includes from the Qt3 to the Qt4 ones.

That was completely unnecessary. The only reason to change all include 
style in a file is if it's a public header and it doesn't use the Qt 
module name. All public headers should include the Qt headers in the long 
form (e.g., QtGui/qpixmap.h or QtGui/QPixmap).

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