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Sat Apr 29 09:20:38 BST 2006

On Thursday, 27. April 2006 23:35, Jarosław Staniek wrote:
> I have no time to play with it as much as I want even on Linux, but for
> win32 I was thinking about reusing foobar2000 (
> as a audio backend. Then at least audio will be available quickly with most
> expected features.

As I have no overview over existing solutions for Windows, I cannot make any 
recommendations about what to use for a backend implementation. From all I 
know GStreamer "Our main target is the Unix platform. It also works on Win32 
and Mac OS X, but it may still be a bit challenging to get everything up and 
running." might be a candidate for Windows. Also it might be possible to 
write a Backend using DirectX, which would also be able to support Video 
(from all I heard about DirectX ;-) ).

> Excuse me if such proposal is already known.

AFAIK there is nobody looking into Phonon Backend support for Windows at this 

> Having even a small part of PHONON API supported on win32 will increase
> quality and appearance of the API as we will be able to avoid ugly #ifdefs
> even for multimedia-related code.

All multimedia related code in KDE should at some point switch to using the 
Phonon API, which does not have any platform dependent code in the frontend.

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