New features for KDE 3.5.3

Erik Kjær Pedersen erik at
Fri Apr 28 16:36:31 BST 2006

Fredag 28. april 2006 11:33 skrev David Jarvie:
> On Friday 28 Apr 206 13:04, Erik Kjær Pedersen wrote:
> >Fredag 28. april 2006 08:01 skrev Stephan Kulow:
> >> We're talking about "approved new features" as in: very few of them.
> >
> >and that is certainly fine with me. What I am really against is the
> >_developing_ docbooks in stable
> I _was_ just talking about a very few i18n strings, and a relatively small
> addition to the docbook.

I don't think anybody minds a few i18n-strings but it is annoying to have 
additions to docbooks in stable and then later have these same additons in 
trunk. Sometimes docbooks are 
1. developed in trunk and backported to stable 
and sometimes they are 
2. developed in stable and forward ported to trunk

I think #1 is the right way to do it. The way it happened when 3.5.2 was very 
confusing and diod cost a lot of extra work


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