KDE4todo #50

Will Entriken kde.org at 2006.phor.net
Wed Apr 26 20:55:23 BST 2006

So here's my progress with cleaning up bookmarks as per TODO #50:

x Replace begin_rmb_action(KBookmarkBar *)
_ Replace begin_rmb_action(KBookmarkMenu *)
_ Replace all dPtrs
_ Rename RMB::s_highlightedAddress

Please let me know if I'm on the right track.

- Will Entriken

P.S. WTF is a RMB?

On 4/26/06, Daniel Teske <teske at squorn.de> wrote:
> > I think I might be able to tackle this. Is this related to
> > kdelibs/kio/bookmarks/kbookmark.cc:91
> > // KDE4: Change QDomElement to QDomNode so that we can get rid of
> > which is just the 3 functions?
> No they are not related.
> > 50    Refactor the kio/bookmarks code so we don't need to use the static
> > d-pointer trick anymore
> Well, to start the task:
> Rewrite:
> void RMB::begin_rmb_action(KBookmarkBar *self);
> void RMB::begin_rmb_action(KBookmarkMenu *self);
> They should be normal constructors. And instead of accesing members of self, the constructor should have parameters for the needed information.
> Every call of this form:
> RMB::begin_rmb_action(this);
> should the be replaced by :
> delete m_rmb;
> m_rmb = new RMB( ...);
> That's for the KBookmarkBar code, KBookmarkMenu is a little bit more complicated, as it is using a trick to circumvent binary compatibility restrictions.
> To understand that code, read http://developer.kde.org/documentation/other/binarycompatibility.html
> Obviously that can be optimized.
> That would be the start, the RMB class is quite messy.
> As the popupmenus for kio/bookmarks seem to be broken at the moment, testing it isn't possible.
> I'll read and comment on every patch you'll send for kio/bookmarks.
> Refactoring of that code is quite high on my todo list. (And as I seem to have found another major bug in QT's model/view framework, which prevents me from completing a patch for keditbookmarks, I'll probably start working on kio/bookmarks.)
> daniel
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