3.5.3 Changelog in XML

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at chch.ox.ac.uk
Sun Apr 23 18:12:50 BST 2006

Frans Englich wrote:

> On Sunday 23 April 2006 16:31, Carsten Niehaus wrote:
>> Moin
>> On IRC, Philip Rodrigues, me and others talked about the ChangeLog for
>> the .z releases we do [1]. Phil came up with some XML-magic which
>> automagically
> What kind of XML magic? XSL-T?

Yup, see my other message.

>> creates nice HTML from the attached xml. This makes maintaining a CL
>> easier, because for example there is no need to type the
>> bugs.kde.org-link.
>> What do you think?
> I know little about it, but it sounds sensible, just like how the roadmap
> is stored.
> Do you have a schema for it such that the format is well defined and that
> you can validate it?

I made up the format off the top of my head, but I'll do a DTD for it. I'm
afraid I'm not familiar with Schema though. It should be subject to change
though - no doubt we'll think of things to add to the format in the near

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