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Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Thu Apr 20 14:16:26 BST 2006

On Wednesday 19 April 2006 21:39, William A. Hoffman wrote:
> This maybe of interest to this thread:
> http://public.kitware.com/KWStyle/index.htm
> -Bill

Code	Definition			Description
  LEN	Line Length 			Number of characters per line
  ^Easy to add to krazy if we can agree upon a length

  IVP	Internal Variable Priate/Protected	Internal variables should be in the protected or private section 
  IVR	Internal Variable RegEx 		Internal variables should match a particular regular expression 
  SEM	Semicolons			Semicolons should be unique and no space between the semicolon and the end of the phrase 
  ^I'll add this one to the krazy to-do list

  DCL	Declaration order			Check if the order of the declaration matches a pattern composed of Public,Protected and Private 
  EOF	End Of File			The File should have only one new line at the end of the file
  ^I'll add this one to the krazy to-do list

  TAB	Tabulations			The file should not have any tabulations
  ^We can do this easily enough with a krazy checker... but I'm not sure we want to

  ESP	Spaces				The number of extra spaces at the end of the line should not exceed a certain number. 
 ^..and that number should be zero.  I'll add this one to the krazy to-do list

  IND	Indentation			The Indentation should match a specific pattern
  HRD	Header				The header should respect a given template (specified as a file) 
  DEF	Definition			#ifndef/#define should match a pattern composed of <NameOfClass> and <Extension>
  TDR	Typedefs RegEx			Typedefs should match a regular Expression
  TDA	Typedefs Alignment		Typedefs should be align one with the other 
  NMS	Namespace			The first namespace in the file should match a specific word
  NMC	Name of Class			The name of the class should match the name of the file plus/minus some characters 
^interesting.  do we want something like this in krazy?

  WCM	Wrong Comments		Comments in the files should be correct. Right now checking if two consecutive words are not the same . Spelling mistake. 
  MCM	Missing Comments		Each class definition should have a comment starting with \class 
  EML	Empty lines			The number of successive empty lines should not be greater than a given number. 
^... and that number should be 1.  I'll add this one to the krazy to-do list

  TPL	Template Parameters Regular Expression   Template parameters should match a regular expression 
  OSP	Operators spaces		Check if there are spaces for operators: i.e a=b v.s. a = b 
^ hmm... would make the code easier to read.  comments?  I could add this to the krazy to-do list

  BLK	Black List 			Words in the black list cannot be found in the files to be checked.
^I could add this to the krazy to-do list... if I am provided a list of those words.  not sure if we want to or not (censorship?)

Code	Definition		Description
  MFC	Missing Function		Comment  Each function should have a comment
^the EBN apidocs checker will take care of this.
  Feature requests:
 - Include Spell checker for comments
^on the krazy to-do list as well

 - Include Statistics 
^not sure what type of statistics.  LOC? #files?

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