Proposal: New module "kdepimlibs"

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Wed Apr 19 15:39:34 BST 2006

On Tuesday 18 April 2006 23:49, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> The kdepim module has grown to an impressive size. After kdebase and
> kdelibs it's the third biggest KDE module and it's becoming more and more
> complex to work on kdepim because of the sophisticated intra-module
> dependencies.
> Additionally there is some code in kdelibs which is closely associated to
> kdepim in kdelibs (kresources and kabc). That this code is in kdelibs, but
> other similar code like libkcal is not can only be understood by historical
> reasons.
> To make things worse there is some code from other modules depending on
> kdepim (e.g. the kbugbuster kresource from the kdesdk module) violating the
> rule that modules shouldn't have other dependencies than kdelibs.
> To resolve these problems I propose to create a new module "kdepimlibs" in
> SVN which contains the major libraries from kdepim and the kdepim-related
> libraries from kdelibs.
> The new module would follow the same policies and release schedules as
> kdelibs, and other modules would be allowed to depend on it. So it
> basically would be a controlled extension and modularization of kdelibs to
> the pim space, but by being a separate module we would also have a clear
> boundary to deviate from the kdelibs policies or release schedules, if the
> need for this arises. At the moment I don't see such a need, though.
> The module "kdepimlibs" would tentatively contain the following components:
> - kresources (the generic resource framework (this will be superceded by
> Akonadi at some point in time))
> - kabc (the KDE address book library)
> - libkcal (the KDE calendar library)
> - akonadiserver, libakonadi (the upcoming PIM Storage Service)
> - libemailfunctions (the infamous attempt to create a shadow kdelibs under
> a most obscure name and by highly dubious motives ;-)
> - parts of libkdepim (general kdepim functionality)
> - libsyndication (feed handling library)
> - libkmime (email messages handling)
> - libkholidays (library for providing holiday information)

Cold kdgantt be part of it in some way too, to avoid the duplication in 

> I hope that a new module "kdepimlibs" will give us a cleaner modularization
> of our code and make development easier and more efficient, especially in
> the current KDE 4 times where due to the developing nature of the framework
> it's often required to compile whole modules or at least well-defined parts
> of it.
> What do you think?

Have a nice day!

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