KProcess overhaul [PATCH]

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Wed Apr 19 08:21:09 BST 2006

Ralf Habacker schrieb:
> How should we go on ?
As I stated before on windows KProcess is a requirement for 
kdeinit/kioslaves and needs to be solved fast for which I see the 
following choices:

1. As Oswald initial stated rename KProcess KProcIO and 
KProcessController to relating K3... and move to kde3support and 
introduce new implementation as KProcess. This requires to port all 
KProcess references in kdecore to the new style (much work) or to make 
kde3support a dependency of kdecore (seems not be much work) and rename 
all references into other packages to K3Process (seems solvable).

2. introduce new KProcess as K4Process and give people time to port 
KProcess references to K4Process. If this is stabilized move recent 
KProcess to kde3support and rename K4Process to KProcess. Still not 
ported old KProcess references must be renamed to K3Process.

3. Do nothing until Qt 4.2 is released because QProcess may change (This 
adds unwanted delay in the windows port)

4. Ask tt again about their qt4.2 QProcess api changes, consider the 
changes in the new implementation and go on with 1. or 2.

Any suggestions ?

BTW: I have added an updated QProcess based implementation. See 
readme.txt for changes.


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