KProcess overhaul [PATCH]

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Mon Apr 17 12:57:25 BST 2006

Hi all,

relating to this KProcess thread I have written an initial
implementation for KProcess on Windows providing the following use cases:

1. it should be able to start child process in blocking an non blocking mode
2. it should be possible to provide the child process with specific 
command line arguments and a specific environment
3. it should be able to set the working directory of the started child 
4. it should be able to send data to the child process stdin
5. it should be able to get data from the child process stdout and stderr
6. it should be able to terminate child processes
7. it should be able to get a signal on child process termination
8-10 not implemented (on windows not required)

new use cases
11. run a process using a command line shell

In the appended archive the sources and a qt unittest based test 
application is included testing the following areas:

1. child process creation
2. parameter supplying
2. checking input/output writing
2. process killing

To compile the source please unpack the archive into kdelibs, enter 
kprocess-0.3 and run qmake; make

Any comments or objectivities ?
Please note that I do not have very good unix programming knowledge and
I'm focused mainly on the windows implementation.


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