FEATURE: folder quick filing in KMail

Till Adam adam at kde.org
Sat Apr 15 11:40:58 BST 2006


I'd like to suggest the "folder quick filing" feature for KMail for 
inclusion into the branch. (http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=113759)

It has been implemented by Kumaran Santhanam, I've been running it for 
months now, withouth problems, and grown to love it. So let's check the 

> - it needs to be already in trunk - we already have lot of code that 
> only into KDE3.5.x and not trunk, no need to make this even worse

He's working on porting it.

> - it needs to be complete and ready - don't ask "I plan to develop
> this feature for 3.5.x, will it get in?" 


> - it needs to be well-tested - create a branch or a patch and have it 
> by other people, or even make independent public releases 
(kde-apps.org, in
> some distribution packages, whatever)

 check at least me and the patch author

> - it needs to respect other freezes - if no new i18n messages are 
> no feature changing those is allowed either


> - it needs to be committed no later than a month before the next 
release is 
> tagged (right now there's no date for 3.5.3, but presumably all 
> will be announced at least a month in advance)

 uhm ... check?

> - it must be mentioned in the changelog of the release (marked with 


> - commit log must include "approved by ..." and don't forget the 
> tag where applicable


> - last and the most important: It must be posted to the mailing list 
for the 
> SVN module (kde-core-devel for those without) and must be approved by 
> module's maintainer (TWG for those without) 

 check + pending (Ingo?)

What say you?


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