FEATURE: wallpaper caching

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Fri Apr 14 15:04:48 BST 2006

> The requirements for a new feature to get in KDE3.5.x are:

 See previous mail, it's the same.

 The attached patch saves ready-to-use wallpapers in user's cache directory so 
that next time it's needed it's not again loaded, blended, generated and 
whatnot but only loaded as PNG. Wallpaper generation can be a noticeable part 
of startup time and this patch helps especially with SVG wallpapers which can 
be bloody slow. I couldn't find any slowdown in any case I tried (including 
cold caches startup with not that big wallpaper), but it'd be nice if 
somebody else could try this too. The disk cache is limited to 8M, or 50M if 
there are many files newer than 10 minutes (different wallpapers on different 
virtual desktops).

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