kfiledialog is broken

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Apr 14 00:27:12 BST 2006

Well, i know lots of things don't work as expected on kde4 and that we are 
supposed to fix them, but i tried to debug the bug and became crazy, so i'm 
writing to the list in case some good samaritant with kfile knowledge can 
have a look at it.

The main issue is mainly that the combobox from the top is unsyncronized with 
what i see on the iconview. Here's an example:

Open kate
I get kfiledialog with combo saying /home/kdesvn/kdelibs4_snapshot/ and 
iconview showing the contents of /home/kdesvn/
I press the up button (parent folder)
combo says /home/kdesvn/kdebase/workspace/ but iconview shows /home
I press the up button (parent folder)
combo says Home Folder: /home/kdesvn but iconview shows /

If anyone could fix that it would be cool.


P.D: This is using the snapshot

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