make install error in snapshot

William A. Hoffman billlist at
Wed Apr 12 14:39:58 BST 2006

At 06:35 AM 4/12/2006, David Jarvie wrote:
>On Wed Apr 12  0:32 , David Faure <faure at> sent:
>>On Wednesday 12 April 2006 01:29, David Jarvie wrote:
>>> After running cmake and make on a newly checked out snapshot, I ran 'make 
>>> install'. This produced the following error:
>>> Linking CXX shared library CMakeFiles/CMakeRelink.dir/
>>> Install the project...
>>> -- Install configuration: "Release"
>>> -- Installing /opt/kde4.0/include/kde.pot
>>> CMake Error: Error in cmake code at
>>> /home/david/src/svn/obj/kdelibs4_snapshot/cmake_install.cmake:20:
>>> FILE INSTALL cannot copy 
>file "/home/david/src/svn/kdelibs4_snapshot/kde.pot" 
>>> to "/opt/kde4.0/include/kde.pot".
>>> make: *** [install] Error 255
>>> The source file exists, so there's no obvious reason why the install should 
>>> fail.
>>Do you have write access to /opt/kde4.0 ?
>Yes. It successfully installed a lot of other stuff first into /opt/kde4.0 
>before failing.

Does /home/david/src/svn/kdelibs4_snapshot/kde.pot exist?
Does this exist : /opt/kde4.0/include/kde.pot

Can you copy it by hand cp /home/david/src/svn/kdelibs4_snapshot/kde.pot /opt/kde4.0/include/kde.pot?
If you try that what is the error?


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