kspell2 reorganization

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Apr 10 13:00:49 BST 2006

KTextEdit (kdeui) offered spell-checking (as syntax highlighting) functionality.
This is useful for khtml and in many other places (kmail I guess).
But in order to port that to kspell2, the gui part of kspell2 should move to kdeui.
The core part of kspell2 is nicely separated so we could keep that separation and
move it to kdecore instead. So I suggest the following reorganization:

* Moving kdelibs/kspell2/*.{cpp,h} to kdecore/kspell2/  (new subdir)
* Moving kdelibs/kspell2/ui/* and tests to kdeui/kspell2/ (new subdir)
* Leaving kcmspellchecking and plugins in kdelibs/kspell2 I guess, since that code
isn't part of the libs, or should they move to kdeui/kspell2 too to make the code closer together?

Any objections? I'll proceed with the move otherwise (tomorrow I guess).

PS: I just updated kdelibs4_snapshot as planned.

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