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R.F. Pels ruurd at tiscali.nl
Sun Apr 9 10:04:07 BST 2006


On the subject of headers, if we really wanted to be consistent, why not make 
use of the fact that KDE goes to a major revision and happens to be a C++ 
framework and agree on a naming rule for headers as well as sources and apply 
that rule? Basically the same thing as Qt has done? As in:

- source name is class name + .cpp
- header name is class name
- put the KDE headers in /usr/include/kde
- forwarding header is header name + .h and leave them in the old place

Wether source and header name are all lowercase, well, let's come up with a 
consensus based on what we think is practical. 

I could think of variations to this theme, for example to accomodate the 
headers of applications being in /usr/include/kde/apps/xxx for example and 
placing kio headers in /usr/include/kde/kio. Having this ruleset might also 
make it necessary to split up sources to make it work but I think that would 
be worth it.

It seems to me there is opportunity and motive. I'll even volunteer to help 
out doing the work if some of you want to help me.
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