Header files (Re: A little review of kdecore & kdeui)

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sat Apr 8 14:13:19 BST 2006

On Saturday 08 April 2006 03:10, André Wöbbeking wrote:
> Is it really easier?

after working with Qt4 for a while now, my experience says "yes, it's easier, 
though only marginally".

you just #include <ClassName>, exactly as you type it when doing "new 
ClassName". no more having to remember which header contains the class (think 
qlayout.h) and makes it rather obvious what classes are being used in the 

it certainly doesn't have a negative effect, so i don't see the problem. the 
only arguments i've seen are optimizing for clumsy win32 developers (which we 
don't have and which are easy to address once we do) and that some tools 
don't like files w/out extensions (time to update your tools; it's the 21st 
century already ;)

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