Header files (Re: A little review of kdecore & kdeui)

R.F. Pels ruurd at tiscali.nl
Sat Apr 8 10:03:31 BST 2006

On Saturday 8 April 2006 05.05, Zack Rusin wrote:

>> Let's not do this. Let's just stick to all lowercase for the reason
>> that it is impossible to 'do it the right way'. I think the current
>> practice is known and accepted by almost all programmers that use C
>> and C++, so let's stick with that.
> You know what's great about KDE? Is that stupid and unsubstantiated
> worries like this have never been declared as a standard either way.

Call it stupid. That's a good argument... 

> Just like we're free to use indention styles we like, we're free to to
> use include styles we like. _I_ like including files named as classes
> that are used in the current file, it makes natural and obvious sense
> to _me_. You can be sure I'll  be using it. You'll use all lowercase
> convention in your code and everyone will be happy.

- Loose the h? no problem!
- Put classes in headers named after them? Good plan!
- Use anything other than lowercase in the filename? Fine as long as 
  they stay inside an application. As soon as other people use them,
  stick to what was done until now.

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