A little review of kdecore & kdeui

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Sat Apr 8 09:25:10 BST 2006

Simon Hausmann wrote:
>What exactly is the problem with compilling them into a static library?
> What exactly do you think is unportable?

The linking. You can't link a shared library to a static library. The 
linker simply doesn't let you.


Interesting. Turns out I was wrong. It is doing the correct thing:
$ cat static1.c
void functionInStatic()

void anotherFunctionInStatic()
$ cat static2.c
void thirdFunctionInStatic()
$ cat shared.c
void functionInShared()
  void functionInStatic();

$ gcc -c -fPIC static1.c static2.c shared.c
$ ar rc libstatic.a static1.o static2.o
$ ar rc libstatic.a static1.o static2.o
$ gcc -shared -Wl,-soname,libshared.so.0 -o libshared.so.0.0.0 -L. 
shared.o -lstatic
$ nm -D libshared.so.0.0.0
00000531 T anotherFunctionInStatic
000016a0 A __bss_start
         w __cxa_finalize
000016a0 A _edata
000016a4 A _end
00000578 T _fini
0000050c T functionInShared
0000052c T functionInStatic
         w __gmon_start__
000003e4 T _init
         w _Jv_RegisterClasses

Now, I have no idea whether this is portable or not.
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