A little review of kdecore & kdeui

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Fri Apr 7 18:01:09 BST 2006

On Friday 07 April 2006 16:01, you wrote:
> On Thursday 06 April 2006 15:58, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> > But with filenames all-lower-case the rule is much simpler: just write
> > everything in lower case.
> > This is much easier to get right than the correct CamelCase if the
> > compiler doesn't check it.
> So they can type the name of the class right but can't copy that in a <>
> for the include? ;)

From my experience windows developers just don't care for the case in file 
names. They have header files in all-upper-case, in all-lower-case and in 
mixed case and include them according to the moon phase.

So IMO having a simple rule really helps.

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