Suspicous code in kdelibs-3.5.2

Christoph Bartoschek bartoschek at
Wed Apr 5 19:32:05 BST 2006

> > - kio/kio/kdirlister.cpp:947
> > - kio/kio/kdirlister.cpp:1524
> I don't quite understand... what's wrong with this:
>   bool delayedMimeTypes = true;
>   for ( KDirLister *kdl = listers->first(); kdl; kdl = 
listers->next() )
>     delayedMimeTypes &= kdl->d->delayedMimeTypes;
> kdl->d->delayedMimeTypes is a bool as well. Any ideas?

The tool marks each usage of a bool in an arithmetic context as a 
possible mistake. The & operator is an arithmetic operator and 
the tool checks that both operands are arithmetic types. A bool 
has first to be converted to 1 or 0 and then can be used for &. 
However the C++ language lacks  &&= and ||= such that the usage 
of &= and |= for boolean chaining became an idiom. 

When one has to decide whether & or && is the better choice one 
has to take into account that & has no short circuit evaluation.

I will omit such messages if I am able to do another report.

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