QAction-related problems/needs

David Faure faure at
Wed Apr 5 19:15:46 BST 2006

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 09:26, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> We will support widgets in menus again. 
This is excellent news; thanks.

> It wasn't possible on the Mac so far,  
> but we found a way to implement it with >= 10.3, as they are now using 
> HIViews for menus. 
Really? How was it done in Qt3 then?

> API wise this will be handled the same way as custom  
> widgets in toolbars through actions, using a dedicated QAction class, in Qt 
> 4.2.
So this is another virtual method in QActionWidgetFactory?
This is good - consistent API. It also means that it -will- be done before 4.2,
since it wouldn't be possible to add a virtual method to that class after 4.2 :)

> Being able to specify a widget as a popup instead of just a menu is on the 
> To-do list for QToolButton :)
Great :)

Good thing I asked before coding then; I'll just make that one wait for 4.2.

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