Partitial Lift of Freeze for 3.5.3

Daniel Molkentin molkentin at
Wed Apr 5 13:35:08 BST 2006


I'd like to ask to go for another partitial lift of the freeze to add some 
minor stuff for KDE 3.5.3. I for one would like to seize it to integrate 
Will's great online status patches to KDE PIM and possibly add new ones for 
other application in that module where appropriate (knode comes to my mind).

Details on that: SUSE/Novell has undergone a huge effort to make integrate 
network manager, an effort to control your network connections from the 
desktop, with KDE. network manager can signal the systems current online 
status so applications can react properly, i.e. kmail will not try to send or 
fetch messages.

SUSE 10.1, SLED 10 as well as Kubuntu Dapper are three distributions that will 
support network manager. Others are likely to follow (I for one am already 
drawn to it due to its ease of use :). I therefore think it's a good idea to 
have this technology in KDE 3.5 to let our users benefit from that advantage, 
since KDE 4.0 is still far away for our users and and this feature 
enhancement is quite a low hanging fruit, thanks to Will's work.

Will has written a nice set of patches which are currently only applied to 
SUSE rpms. One patches the networkstatus kded service, which currently still 
resides in kdelibs, to listen to network manager via DBUS and then inform 
attached applications via DCOP (the DCOP-API is in place for quite a while 
IIRC). The other patches kmail and the SLOX-resource to remain to properly 
communicate with networkstatus.

KMail is technically well prepared for offline handling since 3.5 and it would 
be easy to add it to other applications in KDE PIM that need it without 
creating a big GUI string mess. If other application maintainers care, we 
could also move it to libs, but I think that's quite a drastic change for a 
minor release. Still, it would be nice to have since Kopete or even 
Konqueror/khtml could profit from it. Since we're talking about a DCOP 
service, the move is not strictly needed anyway.

What's your opinion

a) on the freeze lift?

b) on the network manager changes?

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