Merging settings by group in KConfig

Sean Meiners sean.meiners at
Mon Apr 3 18:11:51 BST 2006

It would also be great if control panels could use this feature to  
make their defaults configurable by the sysadmin/distribution  
maintainer. We (Linspire) change many of the initial settings by way  
of adding/modifying files in /etc/kde3. However, this does not  
(currently) solve the entire problem. If a user goes into a control  
panel with settings we've changed, makes some of their own changes,  
then later decides they don't like the new settings, returns to the  
control panel and clicks the 'Defaults'(?) button it reverts to  
whatever settings the developer put in place rather than the settings  
the user originally saw.

On Apr 2, 2006, at 1:13 PM, Matt Rogers wrote:

> Hi,
> For KDE4, I think it would be nice to be able to do the following:
> Specify a group of settings which should be used as default  
> settings for a
> particular thing. Then, allow other groups to derive their settings  
> from that
> group. If a certain configuration key is not present in the derived  
> group,
> the default setting takes over. Otherwise, the derived group has  
> precedent.
> The use case for this is Kopete chat settings. A user is chatting  
> with a
> contact. The particular service they're chatting over supports a  
> set of
> features, rich text for example. The user can turn off rich text.  
> However,
> the next time that the user goes back to chat with that person,  
> rich text is
> reenabled.
> Questions and comments welcome.
> Thanks
> --
> Matt

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