Solid and Akonadi? (was: Re: Discontinuing kcmwifi for wpa_supplicant, what about knetworkmanager?)

Will Stephenson wstephenson at
Mon Apr 3 13:22:15 BST 2006

On Friday 31 March 2006 15:38, Kevin Ottens wrote:
> Le Vendredi 31 Mars 2006 15:02, Carsten Pfeiffer a écrit :
> > BTW, I'm wondering if there is some collaboration between the Solid and
> > Akonadi people.
> AFAIK there's no collaboration between the Solid and Akonadi people (or
> maybe Will had some interactions in this regard?)

I guess as sort of Solid and Akonadi person I am the interaction at the 

> > Or will the problem of saving data on remote servers (with
> > changing availability) be solved on a layer below Akonadi already?
> It'll be possible to use the facilities Will mentionned earlier for network
> status checking in PIM applications. kded_networkstatus is currently in
> kdepim after all. ;-)
> That said, I think the Akonadi KDE API [1] could be aware of the network
> status checking that'll move to Solid sooner or later. But anything below
> this (e.g. Akonadi Storage Access Protocol) looks too low-level for
> introducing such a depend (IMHO).

The Akonadi daemon acts as a local cache; it's always available to Kontact 
etc.  The parts that talk to remote servers will be separate processes again, 
so these need to be suspend- or cleanly killable in the case of impending 
network disconnection.  The centre of Solid/network status integration will 
therefore be in the scheduler, this will handle status changes from Solid and 
user requests to 'Work On/Offline'.  

All that is off the top of my head right now though :).


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