image viewers: a different approach

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Oct 29 18:29:55 BST 2005

Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> On Wednesday 26 October 2005 8:05 am, Michael Olbrich wrote:
>>On Wed, Oct 26, 2005 at 09:43:12AM -0400, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
>>>What ever happened to the all in one basic viewer that can view images,
>>>pdf's, etc?
>>I have to agree with the maintainer from kviewshell. Viewing images and
>>viewing (multipage) documents are completely different concepts that
>>don't go well together. Imho that is true for both implementations
>>details and interface. That said, similar actions should of course have
>>the same icons and shortcuts. That should apply all viewers.
> Sorry, but from the users perspective I disagree.  I am viewing a file.  I 
> have been using OS X's Preview for a few years and find it simple and works 
> great.  

Yes, I see this as usability improvement from the users perspective.  We 
need to do some research on this and possibly start a new application.

The first thing which I would do is make a spreadsheet which lists all 
of the UI menu options and has a column for each type of file to 
indicate with a mark that it needs this feature.  Then we can objecively 
determine if this is a viable concept -- if there are enough features in 


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