[Patch] fix compile kdeui with msvc

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Sun Oct 30 18:50:12 GMT 2005

Ralf Habacker wrote:
>This isn't easy as it looks in the first case and have to worked  out
> more.
>For example if you are compiling libDCOP -DMAKE_DCOP_LIB should be
> defined. If you compile dcopserver it should not although it is in the
> same dir.
>If you compile a shared library in a subdir, which depends on another
> lib in the same subdir, i can no image when to set this define or not
> automatically.
>I think setting it manually it currently the only way.:-)

It can't be that difficult.

If you're building $(lib_prefix)FOO.$(lib_suffix), you define 
MAKE_FOO_LIB. If you're not building it, you don't define it.

So dcopserver doesn't define MAKE_DCOP_LIB, even though it is in the same 
dir. And convenience libraries vanish, being replaced by simple 
compilation of the objects into the final library, even if they are in 
different dirs.

(e.g., kdecore/network/*.cpp are compiled just as if they were in kdecore/ 

Convenience libraries are supported in a handful of platforms anyways, so 
we solve the problem by getting rid of them entirely.

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