[Patch] fix compile kdecore with msvc

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Sun Oct 30 16:49:50 GMT 2005

Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
>> You cannot compare two structs unless they provide operator==.
>> Since KResolverEntry doesn't, you cannot compare two KResolverResults.
>> You're not supposed to, either, nor transform it into a set or vector.
>But when you export the class, you have to provide a complete class
>interface with all functions implemented...

No, I don't agree. Why should I provide functions that are not meant to be 
called, ever?

>Also I don't know why you won't remove the export macro, 

Because, if you do, the class becomes unusable outside libkdecore. Since 
it's meant to be used, removing is out of the question.

>bool KResolverEntry::operator ==(const KResolverEntry &) const;
>inline uint qHash(KResolverEntry key);

Ok, so operator== will return false always and qHash will return 0? What's 
the use?

They are not comparable and they are not meant to be used in a set. I 
still fail to see why we should create functions that are not meant to  
be used by anyone, ever.

>With this the compiler can generate a complete class (imo including
>QSet<KResolverEntry >).

How about not generating QSet<KResolverEntry>? It's not supposed to, since 
the set isn't supposed to exist.

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