[kde-artists] small kdebase cleanup proposal

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Oct 29 18:04:20 BST 2005

Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> In kdebase pics/crystalsvg/ and applnk/ have been kind of a dumping ground for 
> "images" and "desktop" files in the past.  In an effort to clean them up I 
> would like to do the following:

> 1) Move all the packages (icon and desktop files) into  
> workspace/application-packages/
> For example the files: applnk/kde-toys.directory and 
> pics/crystalsvg/crsc-app-package_toys.svgz

The ones for the new menu system should go in a directory indicating 
that they are the xdg menu directories.

> 2) Move all the kcontrol menu, directory and desktop files into 
> workspace/kcontrol/applnk
> 3) Make workspace/3rd-party/pics and move all the 3rd party crystal icons into 
> it such as cr48-app-gaim.png.  This will allow us to make a 
> workspace/3rd-party/desktop/ if we want to.

There are a lot of third party icons which are not Crystal style in: 


[This list is possibly not up to date and may not be complete]

I don't see that these are needed and should probably just be deleted. 
If they are needed, they should be installed as HiColor since they are 
not Crystal style.

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