[RFC] Possible KView Maintainership

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Oct 27 20:00:39 BST 2005

Aurelien Gateau wrote:
> James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> Aurelien Gateau wrote:
>>>> I see a place for a general purpose viewer that has basic
>>>> features.  I also think that there would be a place for further
>>>> development of KView as a general purpose front end.  These
>>>> would be two separate projects.
>>> I'm not sure this is a good idea. Look at what people already say
>>> about KWrite + Kate. I don't see the need for two image viewers
>>> in KDE.
>> Well, I tend to like the idea behind the dual personality of KWrite
>> and Kate. But, I don't see this as being the same thing.
> Let's replace KWrite + Kate with KWrite + KEdit. I know the reason
> KEdit is still here (right to left support), but to all left-to-right
> people this is just duplication.
Yes, KEdit is redundant and should be dropped from the KDE release (and
moved to ExtraGear? -- or perhaps we need a new package: "KDExtras" for
stuff that not everyone needs).  But, KWrite is just Kate-Lite, so it
has a place -- you don't need all the overhead of Kate just to edit a
'desktop' file.
>> Having KView as a lightweight viewer is a short term project and
>> adding the capability to use the part in the KViewShell to have an
>> integrated viewer app would be a long term project that would
>> replace the stand alone KView app (but the KPart would still work
>> in Konqueror).
> As the maintainer of KViewShell said, KViewShell is a document
> viewer. I don't think you will be able to support things like
> slideshow or lossless rotation in it.
It wouldn't be a simple thing to merge them, but some users would find
it more usable.  As I said, SVG can also hold what we consider to be a
document so the distinction between a "document" and an "image" isn't
absolute.  I don't see any reason why the same shell couldn't support
whatever collection features you wanted it to by using KParts and/or 


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