[RFC] Possible KView Maintainership

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at snafu.de
Tue Oct 25 07:44:16 BST 2005

On Monday 24 October 2005 18:06, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> David Faure wrote:
> > On Sunday 23 October 2005 00:14, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> >>Yes, I know that there is a freeze on KDE-3.5 till version 3.5.0 is
> >>released.  Therefore, I was going to work on 3.4 first.
> >
> > Doesn't make sense. 3.4 is even more frozen than 3.5 - it's so frozen
> > that it's dead :) There won't be more releases of KDE-3.4.x, so it makes
> > no sense to work on kview there. Do bugfixing in 3.5 branch, and new
> > developments in trunk.
> In the general case, what you say is true.  However, as NG correctly
> points out, fixing the UI issues (bugs) will require modification to the
> documentation and there is currently a pre-release freeze on
> documentation.

No, the documentation freeze is not for pre-release. It will last for the 
complete KDE 3.5 branch (as it is for all preceding branches, including KDE 

>  Since KView has not been maintained, the code in 3.4
> BRANCH and 3.5 BRANCH is identical.  And, there is NO KDE-3 TRUNK
> anymore, and no new development except feature adjustments is
> contemplated.  As soon as KDE-3.5.0 is released, bug fixes would be
> moved to the 3.5 BRANCH.

Then please, if (for a reason that I quite do not understand), you do not want 
to fix bugs now in KDE 3.5, then you should better make a copy of 
branches/KDE/3.5/kdegraphics (or parts of it) to a new directory in 
branches/work and work there. Only when the changes will be in the KDE 3.5 
branch, then you can think about backporting them to KDE 3.4, if you find it 

Have a nice day!

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