[RFC] Possible KView Maintainership

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Oct 24 09:27:54 BST 2005

On Sunday 23 October 2005 00:14, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Yes, I know that there is a freeze on KDE-3.5 till version 3.5.0 is 
> released.  Therefore, I was going to work on 3.4 first.

Doesn't make sense. 3.4 is even more frozen than 3.5 - it's so frozen that it's dead :)
There won't be more releases of KDE-3.4.x, so it makes no sense to work on kview there.
Do bugfixing in 3.5 branch, and new developments in trunk.

> Currently you can step through the images in a directory but 
> this feature isn't 100% stable.  I don't know if this is needed or not.
IMHO it's very much needed, it's what I used kuickshow for, all the time.
So if kuickshow goes away... But well, I haven't tried gwenview or any other
of the 50 kde image viewers yet.

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