PATCH: KIconViewSearchLine

Daniel Teske teske at
Sun Oct 23 15:01:00 BST 2005

> The attached patch provides a means to clear the hidden list. It is needed in 
> the directory filter plugin to address the issue where filtered out items are 
> not properly updated if and when the currently filtered directory is changed 
> by the end user. 

> Is this okay to commit now ? 
No setting d->queuedSearches to zero is wrong. It should always be the number of running timers. So that the last one, starts updateSearch(). 
If one timer is still outstanding and you set d->queuedSearches to zero, the last one will set it to -1. Which means filtering should stop working.

Except  ::clear() is buggy and fix that, someone changed ::activateSearch() to check for that. Oh well.

And from an api design standpoint, the function name is tightly coupled to the internal implementation.
A better name should indicate, that the KIconViewSearchLine should assume that the QIconView's contents have changed completly.


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