Q3CString versus QByteArray

David Faure faure at kde.org
Thu Oct 20 13:23:08 BST 2005

On Thursday 20 October 2005 13:48, you wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2005 13:02 schrieb David Faure:
> > On Thursday 20 October 2005 12:41, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> > > The QT porting guide suggests general to replace QCString with
> > > QByteArray.
> >
> > For DCOP stuff (appId and objId) you should use DCOPCString instead.
> ... which is derived from QByteArray and in the final state. 

It's derived from it, but it streams differently from/to DCOP.

> As far as I can see is Q3CString an intermediate class and should be replaced 
> by QByteArray in general ?  

Well, Q3CString is QT3_SUPPORT, so it should be replaced everywhere, that's for sure.
But not always with QByteArray; AFAIK you have to use DCOPCString for
appid/objid - and any other DCOP-related streaming of bytearrays (?).

Anyhow this will also help locating the code that needs to be changed if/when
we switch to DBUS, I guess.

> If have found 167 locations where Q3CString are still used in prototypes. 
> Because this affects the binary interface of kdelibs, updating this classes 
> after the first official KDElibs 4 release would break binary compatibility. 

Well, kdelibs4 is far from ready, we all know that. 

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