D pointers #2

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Wed Oct 19 13:06:22 BST 2005


 it seems the discussion has died without any result as usually, so let's see 
if there can be at least some result this time. Attached is a patch to the 
binary compatibility document with some changes and additions that I've found 
useful (replace the php header and footer with "<html><body>" resp. 
"</body></html>" for viewing it directly).

 Ok to commit the changes, could somebody please review it? I explicitly 
mentioned "fixing" some binary compatibility problems in small classes by 
writing new replacement classes, and added three new tricks for virtual 
functions. I eventually decided not to mention virtual_hook, it seems using 
signals/slots for that is simpler to use, at the expense of the additional 
overhead in the ctor, so it may make sense to drop virtual_hook for KDE4.

 Also, I added a section called "You should". That's the part with the most 
XXX's. Is it possible we actually reach some agreement on the usage of 
d-pointers or are we just going to leave it like it is now?

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