The future KMDI ... replacement options?

Hamish Rodda rodda at
Wed Oct 19 09:42:47 BST 2005

On Wednesday 19 October 2005 00:52, Adam Treat wrote:
> I think it is time we start talking about replacement options for KMDI.
> As I currently understand the situation, KMDI has been (or will be) moved
> to the kdelibs3 support library and the replacement is currently up in the
> air. This is unfortunate as many apps rely upon this admittedly problematic
> library.   KDevelop, Kate, Quanta, Konqueror, etc, etc...  if we do not
> provide a replacement, these apps will revert to developing a host of
> incompatible and inconsistent implementations each with their own unique
> set of bugs.
> This is already happening in KDE4.  KDevelop4 branch is using a new 'Ideal'
> like MDI UI developed by adymo and located in kdevelop/src/newui/* ... from
> what I understand Kate4 is using something called katemdi developed by
> Christoph.
> After using the two and talking to folks I'm wondering if we should
> consider katemdi as a replacement.  I haven't looked at the code, but
> people seem to think it is an improvement over KMDI and kdevelop4's newui
> is not working very well at the moment.
> Brainstorming, comments, options?

KMDI was always going to get replaced for kde4 as far as i can see, but i'd 
say the replacement will be reliant on having the K* stuff ported to 
QMainWindow first.  So for now, i'd say brainstorming only... there's plenty 
of time for a new MDI system to mature and porting to occur.

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