question about win32 related patched

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Tue Oct 18 19:10:35 BST 2005

Ralf Habacker wrote:
>This let me think if in future KDE should have an os extension
>library (as the win dir for win32 now), which contains all the missing
>functions and fixes the os related flawing, so that all kde libs can
> work with a unique set of lowlevel functions.

I don't agree. This is one of the purposes for libkdecore anyways: we 
shouldn't standardise the C-level API and build C++ upon it. We should 
standardise on C++ already.

As David said, DCOP is an abnormal case, because it sits below the 
lowermost KDE library (libkdecore).

>The win dir is currently designed as a set of source files and compiler
>specific system header in include/<compiler>/... (for example mingw
> missed some network header), which structure may be used for additional
> platforms and or compiler.

This sounds like glibc's sysdeps subdirs. But I didn't understand: why do 
we carry mingw's headers inside KDE? Are they missing in mingw itself? 
And if they are missing, are the function implementation in the libraries 
(DLLs) present regardless of the mingw version?

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