The future KMDI ... replacement options?

Adam Treat treat at
Tue Oct 18 15:52:17 BST 2005

I think it is time we start talking about replacement options for KMDI.

As I currently understand the situation, KMDI has been (or will be) moved to 
the kdelibs3 support library and the replacement is currently up in the air.  
This is unfortunate as many apps rely upon this admittedly problematic 
library.   KDevelop, Kate, Quanta, Konqueror, etc, etc...  if we do not 
provide a replacement, these apps will revert to developing a host of 
incompatible and inconsistent implementations each with their own unique set 
of bugs.

This is already happening in KDE4.  KDevelop4 branch is using a new 'Ideal' 
like MDI UI developed by adymo and located in kdevelop/src/newui/* ... from 
what I understand Kate4 is using something called katemdi developed by 

After using the two and talking to folks I'm wondering if we should consider 
katemdi as a replacement.  I haven't looked at the code, but people seem to 
think it is an improvement over KMDI and kdevelop4's newui is not working 
very well at the moment.

Brainstorming, comments, options?


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