Proposed new kdelibs time zone classes

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Mon Oct 17 12:28:19 BST 2005

On Mon Oct 17 11:54 , Benjamin Meyer <ben at> sent:

>On Sunday 16 October 2005 7:07 pm, David Jarvie wrote:
>> Here is my proposed new code for the kdelibs/kdecore time zone classes.
>> I've attached new code rather than diffs since the changes are very
>> substantial (although some parts of the existing code is still retained).
>> The aim of the changes is to provide base classes to use for deriving
>> non-system time zone classes. In particular, this will form a basis for
>> implementing time zone classes for iCalendar time zone data, which should
>> allow some long standing bugs in kdepim to be fixed. The current time zone
>> implementation is only really suited to dealing with system time zones, not
>> time zone information from other sources.
>> See the discussion on 29th and 30th September in this mailing list
>> ( etc.) for
>> more details.
>> Note that I haven't yet tested the KTzfile* classes - I'm in the process of
>> doing that now. The system time zone handling doesn't depend on them, so
>> they aren't so important.
>> Can I commit?
>Docs and tests!  Yah :)
>Only real nitpick I can see from a quick glance is that
> KTzfileTimezoneData,  KTimezoneData, and KTimezoneSource, don't have a 
>private class.

My approach was that the *Data classes are data dependent and that private classes wouldn't be 
useful. But they can't do any harm, so yes, I'll put them in.
>With the tests if you can convert them to use qttestlib that would be 
>appreciated.  qttestlib has an xml output format which is very usefull for 
>generating reports from.

OK, I'll find out about qttestlib and convert the tests.

David Jarvie.
KAlarm author and maintainer.

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