icon-theme-spec: Inherits=

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun Oct 16 10:00:21 BST 2005

The spec states:

	The name of the theme that this theme inherits from. If an icon
	name is not found in the current theme, it is searched for in
	the inherited theme (and recursively in all the inherited

But exactly how should the inheritance tree be parsed?

My experimental icon theme:




where "hicolor_1" is a link:

	hicolor_1 -> hicolor

to avoid another problem.

The KDEClassic theme has:


and this does not work as expected so it is necessary to modify 
KDEClassic as stated on KDE-Look for it to work as expected.

Specifically, what I expect is that the icon loader will search:

1.	usr_hicolor
2.	kdeclassic
3.	hicolor_1 -> hicolor
4.	crystalsvg

And then see what "kdeclassic" inherits.

However, it does not work this way.  It appears that unless KDEClassic 
is modified that #3 is crystalsvg and this is not the expected behavior.


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