KApplication::icon & friends

David Faure faure at kde.org
Fri Oct 14 13:19:24 BST 2005

On Friday 14 October 2005 14:57, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> Attached is a patch to migrate away from KApplication storing the application 
> icon's sense QApplication now does that.  
s/sense/since/ :)

Looks ok to me in general, but small details raise questions:

Could the code in parseCommandLine be changed to only load the
instanceName() icon if no -icon was specified? Currently it would load
both one after the other, which seems like a waste of time.

The code in the eventfilter for QEvent::Show looks a bit strange;
I guess it's for the case where parseCommandLine wasn't called?
Can this actually happen? If so, a boolean ("first show event") 
might be enough to know if we need to call setWindowIcon.
Or if we always set an icon, w->windowIcon().isNull() is enough actually.
In any case I don't see the need to keep the static QPixmap* ic.

> Along the same lines do we want to remove the mini-icon command line option?  
> In the desktop file the miniicon=bla has been deprecated for a while.

Yes, I don't think mini-icon is of any use anymore, this is a KDE-1.x thing...

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