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On Friday 07 October 2005 09:14, Torsten Rahn wrote:
> > Page 1:
> > Choose Country & Language  <- Really should be set by kdm
> So on a Single User Autologin machine ... where do you set your language
> easily without getting lost?

I don't think autologin really is the issue, because before having 
single-user-autologin, the user most probably logged in once already to 
access kdm-kcm.

I'm absolutely for having language selection in KDM. Still, kpersonalizer, if 
started as first-start-wizard, should check, if KDE was started by KDM and if 
that's not the case, still provide the language selection. There are many 
other displaymanagers out there and the firsttime-user should not be left 
alone with the ENV language, if one of those other displaymanagers is used.

> > Page 2:
> > System behavior: i.e. double click or single click, mouse focus...  <-
> > This is very technical for a new user.
> It's very technical for the user -- that's why you have KPersonalizer which
> gives you an easy way to customize your desktop fast without having to know
> about all the various settings involved.

From experience with some users (some of them computer-scientists used to 
windows, some of them 60 year old office users), most appreciate being able 
to select one of these presets, that meets best, what they are used to.

> I agree with Thomas that KPersonalizer really needs to get an overhaul but
> we should discuss this once KControl has matured to near-4.0 release level.
> Only once we have a better idea what KDE 4.0 will look and behave like, we
> can make good decisions about KPersonalizer's future.


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