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Thu Oct 13 10:19:41 BST 2005

On Friday 07 October 2005 12:47, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> > Really? Somehow i don't see much use in selecting files just for fun.
> > Either you open them, drag or do something else (right click) - easy
> > with single click.
> Yeah, nice theory. Try to drag a bunch of files you just selected with
> just the mouse to another folder. Do so 10 times and tell me how often
> you saw the image viewer.

I agree; use huge icons and start dragging shows that the borders of where 
you should click is really badly defined.

The exact bug you are referring to is that the click-area of an icon does 
not change relative to its preview.
Create a picture that is 100 x 10.  Save it and navigate your konqueror to 
it in icon view mode.  Make the rendered icons pretty big.
Note how the preview wide and low.  Note also how the background shows 
through outside that area.

The problem is that where the icon is transparent; it will still take the 
hit-area from the whole square and thus you end up clicking the icon 
instead of starting a selection _even though_ you clicked well outside 
the image preview.

Its bugs like these we have to identify and fix before reverting to the 
bad double-click behavior we should be glad to have left behind.
Thomas Zander
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