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Fri Oct 7 08:14:00 BST 2005

> Page 1:
> Choose Country & Language  <- Really should be set by kdm

So on a Single User Autologin machine ... where do you set your language 
easily without getting lost?

> Page 2:
> System behavior: i.e. double click or single click, mouse focus...  <- This
> is very technical for a new user.  

It's very technical for the user -- that's why you have KPersonalizer which 
gives you an easy way to customize your desktop fast without having to know 
about all the various settings involved.

> They should be able to tweak in kcontrol 
> if they really want.  Also they should be themes in the theme manager.

Well although I'd be happy if kcontrol could read the user's mind and 
accomplish the kind of customization that KPersonalizer does without much 
technical knowledge I doubt that it will deliver this anytime soon.

> Page 3:
> Eye cand-o-meter: Fading, desktop wallpaper etc <- see below
> Page 4: widget style <- If they change this they will change this every
> week in kcontrol anyway

Says who? 

> 2) Those with slower cpus can turn off some things.  Of course if you have
> a slow cpu you will do tweaks anyway.  Slow Processor is really ambiguous
> anyway.  What does that mean?  100Mhz?  1Ghz?  If we already have that
> number why do we even ask the user?

The common user doesn't know which settings will affect performance and he 
doesn't really want to tweak the machine because he just wants to work with 
it. The Slider in KPersonalizer gives him a fast way to meet about 80% of his 
expectations without much work.

> Page #3 really reminds me of the Microsoft Help that asks you to create a
> help database and asks the user to choose what kind.  If we already know we
> should make the adjustments automatically not ask the user.  Then they can
> tweak it.

The CPU / Eyecandy page covers two topics at the same time: CPU AND Eyecandy. 
You might be able to give a good guess what the user perceives as slow or 
fast but the preference for the amount of eyecandy isn't really easy to guess 

I agree with Thomas that KPersonalizer really needs to get an overhaul but we 
should discuss this once KControl has matured to near-4.0 release level. Only 
once we have a better idea what KDE 4.0 will look and behave like, we can 
make good decisions about KPersonalizer's future.

Right now by removing KPersonalizer you loose more than you win.

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